Parden our dust ...

Yes ... it's eDigest! Why did you land here?

We are in the process of updating our web hosting portals, rolling out our new vanity email portal and, yes, updating this website.
We're so busy helping our clients grow and thrive we are just a bit behind on our projects! We'll be back to full speed soon.

Meanwhile, we are redirecting some of our business websites here so you can follow our progress.

eDigest is a 17-year old Internet publishing company, inventor of the eGram, and a web services provider.

Services include web hosting, website management, ecommerce, dedicated server and VPS management and, of course, Internet publishing.

eDigest has been hosting websites for 12 years, primarily in the managed hosting arena. We have clients large and small, including Grammy nominees, Emmy nominees and businesses of all sizes. We are also the sole web hosting provider for a number of quality web development companies.

  • CloudFlare Optimized Parter
  • CloudFlare Certified

    eDigest is a Certified CloudFlare Partner. CloudFlare is integrated into our control panel and, as an Optimized Partner, we can offer RailGun, a $200/mo value, at no cost.